Loco Dice - 7 Dunham Place Remixes, Pt. 1

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  • Oh, to have a digital Rolodex like Loco Dice! Not only can the man convince Martin Buttrich to help him out in the production arena, but then he makes a few calls and we have a remix EP that features Cassy, DJ Sneak, Luciano and Mike Huckaby—a cross-section of producers that will have just about any fan of dance music raising their eyebrows in its general direction. (And that's only part one!) As you might expect given the cast of characters, the remixes vary wildly in tone—but not much in quality. Cassy turns in her inimitable hypnotic house take on "How Do I Know?!" that focuses heavily on a pulsing drone and Cassy's voice, while DJ Sneak allows Pimp Jackson to run wild in his Southside Pimp Remix of the 7 Dunham Place favorite. It's a prototypical remix for Sneak—in fact, each remix here sounds exactly as you might expect it to. In Sneak's case that means a Chicago house number that bumps with the best of 'em, reveling in horn swells and a bassline that jazzes up things nicely. Luciano takes Pimp Jackson in a completely different direction, adding analog synth squiggles (?) and church bells (?!) to craft a thicketed minimal backdrop for Jackson's filthy monologue. (It's probably the weirdest musical backdrop for someone talking about "plastic titties," that's for sure.) Mike Huckaby, meanwhile, loops. And loops. And loops "Black Truffles in the Snow," taking a few notes to their absolute maximum potential over the course of six-and-a-half minutes. This is Huck's bread-and-butter, of course, but it moves so little in this case that you're stuck thinking that Oval has taken over production duties.
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      A How Do I Know ?! (Cassy Remix) B Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Dj Sneak's Southside Remix) C Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Luci Gets Loco Remix By Luciano) D Black Truffles In The Snow (Mike Huckaby's The Jazzed Out S Y N T H Remix)