Mark August - The Wasps From Tunisa And The Silver Piggy

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  • Dropping at the end of the year, it would be easy to have missed Mark August's return to Connaisseur after his brief flirtation with Métisse. But this pair of unassuming tracks pack a punch that lasts much longer than the week-of-release buying period that so many tunes seem to fall into these days. "The Wasps from Tunisia and the Silver Piggy" aims its controls for Polygon Window in its beginning stages, taking Surfing on Sine Waves synths and undergirding them with a steady beat that doesn't do too much. That all changes at the four minute mark, when things slow down to a whisper, only to come back with a vengeance. The beat turns into a vicious velvet hammer, what sound like effected radio transmissions are splayed out and the synths continue like nothing happened. August has always had an innate sense of build, and he gets it exactly right here. "Scorpion's Groove" is less of a triumph. More of a builder than a stormer, this is the sound of August restrained even further than usual until he attempts to get a bit too fancy near its end. Juggling a few more elements at once than he perhaps should, it's climax sounds cluttered—rather than joyous. Luckily, the A-side provides more than enough for both.
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      A1 The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silber Piggy B1 Scorpion's Groove