Pitto - Feelin'

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  • For Geurt Kersjes, one song per year seems to be the pace and, to be honest, I can't help but agree with the man. After filling in the flip side of a Phil E release in 2007, Kersjes rolled in with the erotic behemoth single-sider "Sexvibe" in early 2008. And now we have "Feelin'," another lonely track that gets its jollies off sonically via a Mole-esque repeated vocal sample. This time around, we're not feeling the sex vibe. Pitto, by way of Phil Collins, is simply letting us know that we should feel it. (We don't need a reason.) Fair enough. Unlike, "Sexvibe," though, the grove is a bit more heavy and certainly less, well, groovy. "Feelin'" grinds in the same way as Radio Slave, making hay out of the power of hypnotic repetition. It's a song that has to be ten minutes; if it weren't, it'd sound like mindless dance music. Because it stretches out, you have time to get lost, find yourself and get lost all over again. In fact, the only thing you might think about while listening to this mind eraser is why this Phil Collins song seems to be so damn popular. (The Idjut Boys re-edited the tune as well.)
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      A Feelin'