Martinez - Organic Theme EP

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  • Over the past week or so, I've found myself putting on Martinez's "Organic Theme" in a variety of situations, but most of all when there's nothing else that I want to hear. It's a tune that does so little, but does it so pleasantly that it almost feels comforting to have it on while doing the dishes or eating dinner. Like a Slowhouse track extended out to the breaking point, the 15-minute tune would be torturous if listened to closely. (And Martinez owes Ursula Rucker some dough for this one while we're at it.) But put it on, forget about it and it'll make all the sense in the world. Who knows? Maybe it'll even make me dance someday. "Chi-Town 60661" works in the same ambient manner, riding good vibes over the course of its 11 minutes. It's on the second piece of wax here that things get interesting, though: "The Alley Cat" dons ethnic percussion, drawing melody from the drums and builds itself in the way that its two predecessors did—albeit to much more physical ends. "Rattle Snake" is similarly frantic (comparatively) in its tempo, but seems more comfortable than "The Alley Cat" with its station in life, balancing the shuddering elements in the mix ably, most notably a judiciously deployed moaning bassline. It splits the difference between at-home house and the imagined dance floor nicely, ready to be pitched up or down depending on where you might be playing it.
  • Tracklist
      A Organic Theme B Chi-town 60661 C The Alley Cat D Rattle Snake