Audiofly X - Plan B EP

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  • I can't claim to understand why Audiofly needs to delineate the music they make that "covers the deeper and minimal values of house music" by putting an X at the end of their name, but I'm not going to complain too much about it either. "1999," like "Orbitalife" before it, is one of those rare tracks that you hear and immediately know is going to be a hit—whatever the name attached to it. The track tackles the former rather than the latter aspect of the X mission statement. There is a deepness here that falls directly in line with the Mannheim sound, which is unsurprising given that this record is coming out on 8 Bit (sometime home to Johnny D, Nick Curly and SIS). Like D, a sturdy spring-loaded beat is laid out, punctuated by a vocal stab nearly each measure. What perhaps makes "1999" great—undeniable groove notwithstanding—is its willingness to give it all up for an extended break four minutes into the proceedings. An organ lazily pals around with stuttering congas, a vocal sample talks about memory and finally Audiofly remember that they're making a dance track and bring it all back home. "Apparently So," on the flip isn't bad. Far from it. But it's no "1999" and will likely get forgotten as a result. It's a bit more urgent than its predecessor, a bit punchier too. But its bassline leans into the track meaningfully, clearing your head of the relatively lackluster breakdown they pull out this time around. On another EP, "Apparently So" would be a keeper, here it's just nice garnish. A paltry X to the A's Audiofly.
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      A 1999 B Apparently So