Agoria - Go Fast

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  • Constantly looking to expand his horizons, Sebastien "Agoria" Devaud is now giving a go at a motion picture soundtrack. Following his seminal addition to the now extinct At the Controls series late last year, and in lieu of a proper original studio album, he scored Go Fast, a film about "people driving at over 250km/hour for distances in excess of 2500 km in need of a groove." (Or, if you'd like, Run, Lola, Run for the Fast & Furious generation.) That said, the soundtrack works just as well as a stand-along long player while being efficient at the dosing of both techno and house moments (intertwined, I'm afraid, with the inescapable inconsequential skits characteristically spoiling the genre). Flirting with the most lunatic fringes of the house world, album opener "Altre Voci," with its operatic vocals and spooky atmospheres, is both evocatively cinematographic and functional, even though it would probably sound more at home in a film noir. It is the most blatantly peculiar thing on here, yet, if you recall the gloomy, "Mulholland Drive Theme"-like vibe on Agoria's DJ mixes, it's also the least surprising. On the other hand, current single "Dust" is more upfront, even though it explores Agoria's Gothic house vein with aplomb, while "Solarized" and "Diva Drive" wouldn't sound out of place on a Get Physical-sponsored Full Body Workout compilation (the latter heavily relying on chord progressions reminiscent of "Mandarine Girl"). Being first and foremost a techno DJ, Agoria also has to increase the tempo on two cuts recalling the overarching theme of the movie: first on "Memole Bua," which has a Laurent Garnier-like relentlessness blended with Marc Romboy at his most euphoric, then on "Run Run Run," a marching drum-inspired, beat-driven cut with very few late-in-the-game melodic elements. Next to these, the bluesy "Around the Corner" and the trip-hop vibe of "Eden" feel strangely out of place. But while Go Fast might showcase music from and inspired by the motion picture, any long-time Agoria fan will find plenty of inspiring moments from this peripheral release.
  • Tracklist
      01. Tender Storm 02. Altre Voci 03. Memole Bua 04. Dust 05. Pending Between Two Worlds 06. Eden 07. Solarized 08. Last Breath 09. Around The Corner 10. Go Fast 11. Run Run Run 12. Diva Drive