Itamar Sagi - One Million Oaks

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  • Itamar Sagi's nature-inspired "One Million Oaks" is a serene paradox: A big tune with a warm heart—the kind of mish-mash of dance floor domination and cosy bedroom listening Border Community lust after. Sure, the track's cyclical synth stabs make it out to be a duplicate of Deadmau5's "Faxing Berlin," but there's none of those middle-ground trance-esque chord progressions here. Instead, we have undulating hypnotic looping begging to soundtrack fast-passing scenery á la Chem Brother's "Star Guitar." It's an understated expander you could drift off to... but never ignore. This trance-inducing single is an evolution from the party bomb "Black Gold" Funk D'Void unveiled on his Sci-fi Hi-fi mix earlier this year. Sagi's Detroit techno influence, so identifiable in throwbacks like "Black Gold" and "Creamary," isn't obvious on "One Million Oaks." Despite hard tech kick-drum, dub bass, industrial hissing hi-hat runs and the odd organic click, the track is clearly sympathetic to progressive elements. The percussion is quieter in the mix between layers that crescendo and slip in and out. With this dreamy big hitter, crafted round sentiment, it's clear the Tel Aviv composer is confidently carving his own musical identity. On the flipside the aforementioned D'Void shifts the all-important stabs to the offbeat and builds a laid-back lounging house groove into an intricate mosaic patterning of swelling synths, buzzing bass lines and tumbling toms. It's very much a case of blink-and-you-might-miss-something in this complex swinging house number. One for the car and one for the lounge—and both to kill a dance floor.
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      A One Million Oaks B One Million Oaks (Funk D'Void Remix)