Zander VT - Get Up

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  • At first blush, Fritz Zander and Sven Von Thülen's newest 12-inch for BPitch Control is yet another tribal minimal hybrid that takes its cues from the ever-popular Oslo/Cécille axis. Close listening, however, reveals that on "Get Up" the duo can't help but insert their own personality into the otherwise bumpty beat, as a weird niggling bit of Fennestatic begins to force its way to the fore halfway through its ten-minute length. Coupled with an aquatic counter-weight and someone letting us know that it's "party time," it's as though Vakant finally found a way to sound uncluttered...or a Cécille artist listened to a bit of Stefan Goldmann before going into the studio. "Get Down" stakes out similar sonic territory with a much darker feel. The solid kick is joined up by an insistent conga line with a clearer and clearer vocalist eventually breaking into coherence before disappearing into the murk. It's heads-down DJ tool material, leaving little of interest for the home listener. But I still listen to "Trompeta" months after I'd been told it was a bore, so I can't imagine that this will be coming off the stereo—or, more importantly, my DJ request list—anytime soon.
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      A Get Up B Get Down