DJ Sodeyama - Now Is The Time

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  • Japanese producer DJ Sodeyama, as the name might suggest, considers himself a DJ first and foremost, but while he's only been making music for the past five years—in contrast to his 15 behind the decks—he's quickly crafted a unique sound. Following on from his 2007 full-length, Dual, Sodeyama comes to Pheek's Archipel Musique for this release, which sees him continuing with his heavy percussion/softly melodic mixture. "Now Is the Time" is the clear highlight here. A queasy back-and-forth bassline begins things dreadfully, but once the kick drum drops it all makes sense: This is hypnosis of the highest order, unleashed to sneak in a liquid melody, droning chords and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s celebrated speech. Like Jesse Somfay's recent release on Archipel, the track is overstuffed with information, but here the moving parts are fascinatingly overwhelming rather than punishingly so. (It helps that it doesn't sound like it was compressed within an inch of its life as well.) "Seaforest" and "Slow Mist" take up the rest of the release—along with an instrumental version of "Now Is the Time"—and further showcase Sodeyama's prowess. "Seaforest" gives DJs their due with a few minutes of lead-in, but also throws home listeners a bone by modulating the percussion so that no two bars are the same before the Innvervisions-style bells come in to introduce the melody. As the title implies, it's both blue and green, a thicketed aquatic minimalism. The same title/track synchronicity continues for "Slow Mist," which languidly unfolds into a deep house charmer with a synth melody that emerges from the dew every so often to hazily and quietly announce itself. That aforementioned heavy percussion won't be found here, but you probably won't miss it at all.
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      01. Seaforest 02. Now Is the Time 03. Slow Mist 04. Now Is the Time (Instrumental)