Martinez - Momomowha

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  • From minimal deepness to ketamine disco, Martinez has never shied away from poking fun at trends within dance music. But with his latest release for Moon Harbour, the veteran producer finds himself with a tune that fits squarely inside the sound of the moment. That's no bad thing when you're talking about something like "Momomowha..." It's a track that wears its Cécille and Arearemote colors loudly and proudly, no doubt licensed by a smitten Matthias Tanzmann, who spent the summer hammering tracks like it at the few parties that Circo Loco was able to pull off. Rhythmically, it's Cécille-esque tribal minimal—a solid deep groove that doesn't fuss too much, but remains addictive nonetheless—while a vocal remains hidden beneath the surface, achingly out of reach for 12 long minutes. (When pondering how it works so well, "Mumbling Yeah" comes immediately to mind.) "Day By Day," meanwhile, is a hopped-up version of the material that Agnès has proffered of late. That familiar organ melody and vocal sample pop up, mixed expertly with a double-time drum. Who this track is for, though, is almost impossible to figure out: Deep house junkies who like it a bit fast? Minimalists who are afraid to go too slow? Maybe I'm just taking the wrong drugs, but this one doesn't make a lot of sense.
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      A1 Momomowha... B1 Day By Day