Seth Troxler - Aggression

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  • If it was anyone other than Seth Troxler, I'd be calling the police to tell them about someone exerting classic "homicidal and suicidal behaviour," as that is how disturbing this Moodgadget release by the Berlin resident truly is. "Aggression" follows the popular "Love Never Sleeps" as Mr. Troxler—or Sex or Young Seth or Space—really lets his creative juices run wild. If that previous release was a sexually provocative phantom, inspired by long Sunday afternoons in Panorama Bar, then this one-track release is straight from the most obscure, innermost alcove of Berghain. The inescapable throb from the first beat, designed to blow speakers and burst ear drums, is a trap, merely luring you straight into the chamber of a nuclear reactor about to reach critical mass. There is an explosion, the sound of steam escaping and alarms ringing out, but it's too late, it's going to explode. Then a warped voice comes over the loud speaker; it was only a test, and you retreat, psychologically wounded and accompanied by the same thud that enticed you there in the first place. For sure, this track has "right time, right place only" stamped all over it, but that doesn't detract from the genuine creativity Troxler so obviously demonstrates. Artists as carefree, fun and likeable as he often have to work harder to be taken seriously. In rebellion—and in paradox to his own personality—the darkest and most immoral sounding music imaginable is delivered here and to great effect.
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      01. Aggression