Various Artists - Rabimmel with a Vengeance

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  • Is the Areal factory finished? For a few years in the early '00s, it seemed as though the merry band of gentlemen—and their secret weapon, Ada—would plough a cartoonish hole through the heart of dance music, introducing grit to the prevailing Kompakt melodicism. Things have changed: Melody left the building with Minus, house came back and Areal started some sublabels and opened up the main imprint to people not named Metope, Basteroid, Konfekt or Ada on a more regular basis. Judging by the results of Rabimmel With a Vengeance, this can only be a good thing. Ada is paired up with Dee Pulse for "Himmelunaed," which sees the duo working handsomely together. Dee Pulse is a relative unknown—and Areal's website is typically unhelpful in discerning any information—but it seems as though he/she/they are pushing Ada towards the dance floor, with Ada offering up her trademark niggling melodies and vocal stabs in response. Basteroid is the only old guard Areal producer on solo offer here, but he earns his keep, coming up with a stumbling and bumbling beat that seems ready to devolve into chaos before a fat synth comes in to offer up cohesion. (The deadening bass stomp doesn't hurt either.) The same thing happens on DJ Koze's flipside epic, "Abudinga." This time, the beat is a solid one, but those synths slot easily between what seems like ten different moving parts. Like "I Want to Sleep" from earlier this year, it's a track that'll have you going bug-eyed on the dance floor, wondering from what diseased and brilliant mind it emerged from. Thus is the power of Koze in 2008.
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      A1 Ada + Dee Pulse - Himmelunaed A2 Basteroid - Rabimmolution B1 DJ Koze - Abudinga