Runaway - Just Got Paid / Use Me

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  • The New York duo of Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral return to their beloved Wurst edit lab with two excursions even more dubbed-out than their predecessors. Runaway generally take an additive approach to editing: Just like their a-side from Wurst #2, "Just Got Paid," features an extra squelchy bass synth, whose unspooling acid line acts as a firm sonic anchor. First it allows for the looped groove to build gently and patiently, and then it serves as a backdrop for all manner of deep dub cannon bursts. The joys of an edit lie largely in track structure, in being able to rework ebb and flow, mountains and valleys. "Just Got Paid" owes its punch to an expert, almost theatrical sense of timing. The opening is nicely sparse, with wisps of floating vocals, retaining only essential slivers of disco glitz. After the squelch reaches its first hi-freq crest, the track suddenly jolts into high gear, the vocal finally surfacing above the churning tide of echo effects and swivel-hipped congas. Save for a bit of muted guitar and some scattered synth taps towards the beginning, the track is overall mostly acid bass, tribal boom and cavernous wail, a heavy re-work with vocal samples asking "Wanna dance?" swooping in as punchy exclamations before dissolving into filtered echoes. It's a further exploration of the sort of extremely spaced-out house exemplified by the duo's "Brooklyn Club Jam" from earlier this year. Like that number, "Just Got Paid" has a certain anthemic bloodrush, the kind one associates with peak-time fire. "Use Me" seems to take place several hours later. (Apparently, despite all of its invigorating charms, the a-side's invitation for booty-shaking hasn't sealed the deal entirely.) After getting you going on the floor and buying you several drinks, Runaway are feeling a little more confessional. The b-side takes its time riding in on a rowdy, low-slung groove, before a detuned vocal of depraved attestation bursts in: "I've no excuse…take me and abuse me...I just want you to use me…I'll do anything you want me too…" Both in sound and lyric the disco sophistication has been sloughed off, leaving behind a horny, muscular rodeo-house groove. Too bad most clubs still frown on bringing your own saddle.
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      A Use Me B Just Got Paid