Luciano & Mirko Loko - Family EP

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  • It's rare that you'll hear Luciano bringing order to the proceedings of just about anything, but that's exactly what happens on Family EP, if Mirko Loko's solo flipside excursion is to be believed. "Mousa Big Band," the collaboration between the Cadenza label head and the former Ripperton collaborator is clamped down by a stolid beat that gives ample room for gargling vocal samples, laughter and general tomfoolery for its nine minute runtime. Generally unremarkable, "Mousa Big Band" sounds like mix filler—albeit filler with more personality than 90% of anything you might term minimal techno. Mirko Loko's been quiet on the production front after the dissolution of Lazy Fat People and, if these are the results of an extended hibernation, that's fine by me. "Liah" somehow makes vibrating bells sound like the most interesting thing in the world for four minutes before a synth cuts through and seemingly takes the track elsewhere. But soon enough those bells begin to reappear (now in responsible, normal patterns) and the synth fades away into the distance, as though it were a mirage the entire time. Wispy, loose and dream-like, it's a track that justifies the wait for Loko's debut solo production. "Serena," on the other hand, is a bit tighter—but certainly not as pumping as "Mousa Big Band"—and goes for the uplift sooner. As a synth squeezes a melody out in between lengthy string chords, you can't help but wonder who the hell this Serena is and what she did to (presumably) inspire this delicacy from a guy who once called himself a Lazy Fat Person.
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      A Luciano & Mirko Loko - Mousa Big Band B1 Mirko Loko - Liah B2 Mirko Loko - Serena