Various Artists - Saturday, I'm in Love

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  • We've long been aware that Diynamic was something a little extraordinary, but for the first time we now get an insight into how Solomun and the Hamburg-based family see themselves, with the label's first compilation, titled Saturday, I'm in Love. The first disc is a bedroom DJ's dream, with nine new exclusive tracks in unmixed format, including contributions from Solomun and label buddies Stimming and H.O.S.H. The tone is very much moody percussive rumblings, almost sombre at times; a darker aspect to the quintessential Diynamic sound. The presence of new and less familiar names also intrigues, with deep epic rocker "Sicksnack" by Ost & Jex and the afterhours squalor of Tricksi's "Your Lonely Nites" providing hooks and energy. The second disc sees Solomun blend together past label releases, resulting in a solid, jackin' ride through deep and tech house. The mix starts with the anticipatory plucked strings of "Tagesschau," but then takes a while to really get going. Aficionados, however, will love the intrigue and understated magic of a little melody tease here and a double bass thud there as it builds towards Anja Schneider's remix of H.O.S.H.'s "Steppenwolf," which changes the whole vista of the mix, leading on to the pulsating "Liberaos" by Stimming and the freaky, trippy, jovial organ rendition that is "Radar." Unsurprisingly, the track selection throughout is dominated by original cuts and not remixes, highlighting Diynamic's decision to rarely have its releases be remixed. (That some of the more popular tracks, such as "Steppenwolf' and "Eiszauber," have had alternative mixes points more towards commercial interest than musical progression.) The originals, in their imagination, are almost immune to being remixed, in fact. That's why when Jerome Sydenham takes "Steppenwolf" again and rocks it even harder, there is the sense that (despite its obvious quality) it isn't on the same wavelength as Diynamic, whose sound is bordering on becoming a genre of its own. Luckily, the remainder of the mix is true to the aesthetic that makes Sigur Rós look like play-safe hesitants, with the explosive deep sensations of "Eskapade" and the stirring epic "Eiszauber." That latter track, "Eiszauber," among others, represents what has made the label so special thus far. The combination of two of the label's few producers and the creation of noises so engaging and intense that you don't know how to deal with them. Seemingly the close working proximity of Diynamic's central protagonists and the exclusivity of being a team member has allowed their sense of adventure to run away with them; no checks, no balances and clearly no need to conform.
  • Tracklist
      CD 1 01. Solomun & Stimming - Lemniskate 02. Jay Shepheard - Beast Regards 03. H.O.S.H. - Gartenarbeit 04. Ost & Kjex - Sicksnack 05. Paulo Olarte - Numeros Rotos 06. Trickski - Your Lonely Nites 07. Solomun - Prinz Mono 08. Solar & Poppcke - Night Train 09. Stimming - For a Friend CD 2 01. Solomun & Gebrüder Ton - Tagesschau (Jackmate Remix) 02. Solomun & H.O.S.H. - Sonnenbrand 03. Solomun - Small talk (Jimpster Remix) 04. H.O.S.H. - Themes, Rhythms and Harmonies 05. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf (Anja Schneider Remix) 06. Stimming - Liberaos 07. Stimming & H.O.S.H. - Radar 08. Stimming - Funkworm 09. Solomun - Flying Pics 10. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Mileu 11. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf (Jerome Sydenham Remix) 12. Solomun & Stimming - Feuervogel (Guido Schneider Remix) 13. H.O.S.H. - Drums of Spring 14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Eskapade 15. Solomun & Stimming - Eiszauber (Motorcitysoul Remix) 16. Stimming & Einmusik - Magdalena