Solomun vs. Ost & Kjex - Nordisch By Nature EP

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  • "I love you." "Put your hands up." "House music." And, now, "When you smell your mama's bosom / You come running." Solomun vs. Ost & Kjex's is yet another fantastic Diynamic release that—like Stimming's "Una Pena"—goes some way towards helping the imprint leave behind its early "horn samples + moody chord progressions = bliss" formula for success. Instead, on the Nordisch By Nature EP, Solomun puts Ost & Kjex's vocal up-front and center in what might be accurately termed an honest-to-god vocal house tune. Ost & Kjex, as noted above, aren't exactly throwing the normal house music clichés out there, though. And it probably doesn't come as a surprise when I report that the duo don't exactly sound like Robert Owens and Martha Wash. Convention, however, has never been Diynamic's strong suit—and the Scissor Sisters / Nôze-gone-sober vibe quickly wins you over via its sheer exuberance. The "Oslo Version," which graces the front side, features the duo's contribution clearly and powerfully. There's no mistaking any of the lyrics, even with tight snares adding flourishes alongside a surprisingly funky tech house backing. The "Hamburg Version," meanwhile, goes a bit dancier and tones down the drama a tad. Here the vocals are used more as texture, an adjunct to the groove—yet still present enough to be the quirkiest thing you'll be likely to hear on a given night. Finishing things off, we have a "Dub Version" for those who wish to find out exactly how dull the track is without Ost & Kjex. It's easy to see why jocks might want to play the latter, but rest assured at least one patron may come running up to tell them how much they prefer a version that doesn't neuter the Norwegians.
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      A Federgewicht (Oslo Version) B1 Federgewicht (Hamburg Version) B2 Federgewicht (Dub Version)