Dave Clarke - Back in the Box

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  • No, this isn't your average compilation of classics. Dave Clarke, the Baron of Techno, has created a mix that is so authentic to the sound it heralds that it sounds like a time capsule straight back to the Paradise Garage or The Music Institute. It features experimental productions by DJ Pierre, Marshall Jefferson, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Mike Pickering (M People)—all under pseudonyms—coupled with some names sadly lost to the march of time, such as Mr Lee. The soundtrack flip-flops between the competing sounds around in the late '80s. On one side there is the pure and deep Chicago house sound typified by the rockin' "Jack the House" and UK based Julian Jonah's sensual vocal track "Jealousy and Lies." And then there's the forthright acid weirdness of "I Can't Forget" and "Animal Attraction"; pure 303 bliss. But then in the middle are the "uncategorizables"; the jackin' minimal pulsations of Da Posse's "The Groove," the contagious beats and sleazy vocal of "Lover Man" by Ben Mays and the marching drums and angry vocal of the opener "I Believe." In capturing the full spectrum of what a night at the The Music Box might have been like in 1987, it is impossible to apply a modern day analysis of whether the mix itself, away from the standalone tracks, is any good. As a history lesson; it is a veritable master class. As a DJ mix, especially to the modern, and maybe uneducated, ear; it never quite explodes nor hooks you in enough. What is most intriguing about listening to this collection though, is that over time you begin to piece together the jigsaw of where modern genres like minimal techno and progressive house came from. "Give Yourself to Me" is a dead ringer for "Trompeta" by SIS, you could easily be fooled into believing that "In a Vision" was a John Digweed creation and "Mystery Girl," the best track of the lot, sounds like it's straight off Daft Punk's Homework. On that basis, Clarke provides the ultimate tool for dance music history boffins and enthusiasts; this is a roadmap to understanding the origins, inspirations and experiments of much of contemporary dance music. Be prepared to have your aural senses stretched and probed to limits that no other modern day mix would dare.
  • Tracklist
      CD 1 (mixed) 01. A Blackman, a Blackman and Another Blackman - I Believe 02. Fast Eddie Smith - Jack the House (Jack mix) 03. Foremost Poets - Reasons to Be Dismal 04. Scram - I Believe (Before the Storm mix) 05. Virgo - In a Vision (Instrumental) 06. Bam Bam - Animal Attraction (Dynamic Guvnors remix) 07. Da Posse - The Groove 08. M.E. - Ride 09. The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Yourself to Me 10. Mr Lee - I Can’t Forget 11. Julian Jonah - Jealousy and Lies 12. Jungle Wonz - The Jungle 13. Blake Baxter - When a Thought Becomes You 14. Alternations – Feel it For You (Planetary Access mix) 15. Master C & J - Face It (Club version) 16. Ben Mays - Love Man 17. Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set me Free) (original) 18. T-Coy - Regret 19. Ralphi Rosario - I Want You (Transcontinental mix) 20. Gil Scott Heron - Space Shuttle (Paul Waller mix) CD 2 (unmixed) 01. T Coy - Regret 02. The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Yourself To Me 03. Julien Jonah - Jealousy & Lies 04. A Blackman, A Blackman & Another Blackman - I Believe 05. Master C & J - Face It 06. Bam Bam - Animal Attraction (Dynamic Guvnors remix) 07. Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You 08. Fast Eddie Smith - Jack The House (Jack mix) 09. Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal 10. Mr Lee - I Can't Forget 11. Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) (original) 12. ME - Ride 13. Ralph Rosario - I Want You (Transcontinental mix)