Efdemin - America

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  • Listening to Efdemin's "America" in advance of the United States presidential election is a funny thing. You hear a voice come in halfway through that keeps repeating the title and inevitably lean forward. "Yes?" But while it's seemingly obvious which way Phillip Sollmann might lean politically—considering this past summer's canceled gig in New York due to customs fears—the producer's gift has always been his unique ability to appeal to different crowds. On one hand, you have art. Dial fans know it well, as his elegantly crafted melancholic odes have tempted even some of the most ardent guitar-wielding fanatics to the wonders of electronic music. Play Sollmann's self-titled full-length for a friend that can't understand repetitive beats and it'll be a matter of time before they crumble. "America" and "The Pulse" have it in spades, trafficking in whirling melodic synths and trembling bell tones that lend each a somber, elegiac feel. On the other, you have the much ballyhooed word of the moment: deepness. "America"'s kick is almost comically deep—offering up a backdrop in which Sollmann can sneak in the art—and drops it out every so often to remind listeners that this is indeed a dancefloor tool par excellence. While "The Pulse" may have a bit more shuffle in its deep house step, that's the one to go with here—no matter who you might be voting for come election day.
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      A America B The Pulse