Fuck Buttons - Colours Move

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  • Bristol duo Fuck Buttons utilize more rhythmic invention than most of their drone peers, and it's on full display on both sides of their latest single release. "Colours Move," the closer on the band's debut full-length Street Horrrsing, shines alone here, a savage, tribal assault that shows no mercy in its relentless attack on the listener's senses. A sheer wall of guitar noise is punctuated by a thundering drum throwdown and a two-note melody that eventually hits a unique groove of circular motion, even as further screeches and heavily distorted screams are layered in. This isn't something to dance to—far from it—but once its subtle hooks get in you, it moves like a marching band descending on the gates of hell, all perpetual motion leading downward into sonic doom. Punishing, but ultimately rewarding. Veteran producer and Lone Swordsman Andrew Weatherall knows a thing or ten about remixing exotic guitar acts, and he transforms "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" into a twinkling lullaby of dubbed-out bliss. Building from a simple bass kick, Weatherall adorns the beat with rhythmically inserted blasts of sound, echoing walls of pure guitar noise and screeching seagulls flying overhead as the mix builds itself from dirge to victorious hymn, complete with an expertly deployed breakdown. Whether indie-dance is due to make a comeback soon is anyone's guess, but Weatherall displays here that he is ready to leap into action should it happen.
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      A Colours Move B Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix)