Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps

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  • Being one of WMC '08's "big tunes" doesn't always fill one with confidence, but any misgivings you may have about "Love Never Sleeps" should fall away once you've given it a listen. The track is a dark, atmospheric piece of redolent longing. Adept cutting and pasting of contrasting vocal snippets layered on top of chunky percussion are its main attraction, along with classic Detroit motifs that are reverentially pilfered from the bank of Robert Hood. Adam Marshall's remix beefs it up and quickens things a bit, giving the motor city synth section emphasis and reducing the vocal input to a moan, while Pär Grindvik turns in a marathon of a mix that cranks things up a little more and lets chunky percussion take over. Sinister sirens fill the gaps of Grindvik's take and create even more of a sense of depth than the original. The "Love" vocal snippet of the original is repeated over and over and over again and there's an occasional subtle change in pitch, which is only to be expected over thirteen minutes. The sound of the tribal initiation ceremony of the 21st Century? Could be. "Love Never Sleeps" and its overwhelming pull is towards the warehouse and the wild hedonistic abandon of good trance, but that's trance as an adjective, not a genre. More importantly, though, it's great electronic dance music—pure and simple.
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      A1 Love Never Sleeps A2 Love Never Sleeps (Adam Marshall Sedition remix) B2 Love Never Sleeps (Pär Grindvik remix)