The Black Dog - Detroit Vs. Sheffield

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  • Taken from The Black Dog's recent Radio Scarecrow album, the Detroit Vs Sheffield EP features the third part of "Train By The Autobahn" with two mixes by Robert Hood and a dubstep refix of "Siiiipher" by young gun The Bass Soldier. The original is reminiscent of all that was good about early '90s electronica. The visceral string work spreads over the course of the mid-tempo track, ever-expanding, hinting at the Dog's penchant for film soundtracks. The percussion work is largely in keeping with that era too. In fact, if it wasn't for the quality of the sound engineering here you could quite easily close your eyes and for a moment picture yourself back in a time where baggy trousers, a floppy hat and an "I think therefore I ambient" t-shirt was perfectly acceptable clobber. Robert Hood's DJ Remix also showcases his production attributes. He hasn't released much lately, but with this remix we're reminded that the term minimal didn't just spring up in the last few years. Here, Hood works everything around a tremolo effect, applying his intricate drum patterns and subtly adding further layers while stripping others back. With deft snare hits, hi-hat accents and delayed piano keys he works simple ideas into complex ones. His 8 Mile remix takes a more sedate route, starting off with the swelling strings of the original mix. Adding in a muted guitar, incidental perc hits, the full piano line and horns that evoke Carl Craig's "At Les," it's a full five minutes before the kick drum arrives to carry the pent-up momentum. Two minutes later, though, and it's gone—and the track winds back down beautifully from there. Relative newcomer Bass Soldier returns for more Black Dog remix duties after a stellar remake of "Floods" from late last year. Using elements of the melody and strings, everything else is scrapped for his remix of "Siiiipher" to make way for umpteen different frequencies of bass. While some dubstep can lose itself in its own fathomless bottom end, The Bass Soldier never loses sight of his mission to interpret the original, nor the need for some lighter moments of harmonic succession.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Train By The Autobahn (DJ Remix) A2 Train By The Autobahn [Part 3] B1 Train By The Autobahn (8 Mile Remix) B2 Siiiipher (Forgemaster Remix)