Rukaiya Russell - Bring Back The Routemaster

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  • Club music is serious business. Please do not occasionally smile while dancing, order colourful cocktails or flirt with members of the opposite sex. It is not acceptable to be goofy. Unfortunately, some people have not gotten this message. And, therefore, it is my duty to tell you all not to go anywhere near the music known as UK Funky or the track known as "Bring Back the Routemaster." Hyperactive percussion that asks you to bounce your buttocks around like two rubber balls in a very small box is not serious business. It is not serious business to rap about London buses. Yes, I know it's got this catchy grime-lite bassline and that you get caught up in listening to all the numbers being shouted out and that the whole thing has a terribly infectious energy. But you must be strong and resist. Somewhere there’s a man making music about computer viruses using only analogue gear that’s been buried in a hole in Detroit for the last five years. Please continue to listen to that instead—as the shock of a new genre or people having fun is absolutely the last thing we need in electronic music right now. Remember, this is serious business.
  • Tracklist
      A Bring Back the Routemaster B Bring Back the Routemaster (Instrumental)