Jamie Jones - 911

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  • Have you ever heard of anyone OD'ing on weed? Sure, you can do too much and end up with the motivation of a three-toed sloth, but it's near impossible that it would ever kill you. The only question mark with weed, in fact, is what happens when you cook with it. You're basically playing Russian roulette with your high. You might think you're dead, that you've swallowed your tongue, that your stomach has turned inside out, etc. This single-sided chunk of tough tech house from Jamie Jones uses samples from a hopelessly incapacitated guy calling 911 to plead for help after doing just that. He and his wife have made pot brownies, ingested a few and are hysterical about it. Jamie Jones slaps down thick kicks and snapping hi-hats over a rubbery, simple bass line, firing off delayed, uneasy noises to add a sense of paranoia. With the big upfront percussion and Chi-town drum track feel, I wouldn't be surprised if Jones crafted this on analogue gear; there's certainly no fancy sleight of hand with the production. The track is blatantly simple; the vocals from the demented caller completely make the track. Without them, though, it would be a good, but ultimately forgettable release: Jones displays just how effective a good sample can be. It doesn't hurt that it's funny as hell too.
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      A 911