Melchior Productions Ltd. - Who Can Find Me EP

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  • Following a long string of releases for Perlon, Thomas Melchior releases his first solo single on Cadenza, home to 2006's massive "Solomon's Prayer/Father," recorded with Cadenza boss Luciano. Melchior slides comfortably into the Cadenza pocket, as both tracks on the EP are hallmarked with the label's signature layered percussion and a distinctly deep house feel. "Who Can Find Me (I Can't)" is a swirling, hypnotic affair, buoyed by a circular bell riff, deep, plunging chords and a rather lost sounding female vocal line. (I assume it's intentional, given the title.) The results aren't terrifically memorable, though skilled and enjoyable enough. But neither the vocal hook nor the circular riff stick in your head for very long, nor is anything very interesting done to alter the sounds throughout the track's eight-plus minutes. Which leaves the deftly layered percussion as the only thing to really stick with you, and unfortunately, it doesn't. That isn't the case, however, with "Choir," which rumbles along on a bed of Latin percussion and subtly shifting organ chords that stay just out of time, all punctuated by a pair of clipped vocal samplesïone short, clipped and male, one extended, echoed and female. It's simple, sparse and most effective: The percussion-and-vocal interplay is expertly mixed, and the big percussion sound works perfectly with maximum amplification. Melchior may sound a bit directionless on the A-side here, but in letting the rhythm do the work for him on the flip, he finds his way eventually.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Who Can Find Me (I Can't) B1 Choir