Sascha Funke - Mango Remixes

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  • The name of Sascha Funke's 2008 full-length, Mango, was inspired by Funke and friends like DJ Koze, Superpitcher and Tobias Thomas hanging out on the beach in Spain, having a laugh and making up a new language. According to Sascha, in this new dialect, "mango" translates into "nice," "one-of-a-kind" or "great,"—descriptors that could also easily be applied to their remixes of the album's title track. On the A-side, DJ Koze's twelve-plus minute epic re-imagining can be consumed like one reads a novel, chapter by chapter. The first chapter is a tense, building introduction in which Koze samples the spoken words from "A Fortune Cookie Symphony," the final track of Mango. These are added on top of the main melodic theme of "Mango," in conjunction with a chorus of micro-sampled tonal loops. The first chapter gives way to the second as a business-class kick drum replaces Funke's more delicate offering. When paired with a deep bassline, it forces its way into the forefront—tossing everything else to the wayside. The meat of Koze's remix is in the third chapter, an experimental workout of the spoken vocals, meticulously edited and modulated to cater to late-hour dancefloors. The track winds down by reintroducing the original melody, wrapping up the final chapter of an excellent remix. Tobias Thomas and Superpitcher combine forces to provide a painfully straightforward remix for the B-side. It seems they were reading from the playbook of Puff Daddy's remix work in the '90s: Take the original, add some vocals, call it a day. Thankfully, in the place of Diddy's trademark grunts and hyping, we get original lyrics sung by Superpitcher himself. Outside of that, not much else seems to be new here aside from an acoustic bassline, and some differences in the arrangement. Their not-broke-so-don't-fix-it remix rides on the strong shoulders of the original, however, and would probably work perfectly for a sunrise set.
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      A Mango Cookie (DJ Koze's Pink Moon Rmx) B Mango (Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher's Como Mango Version)