My My - Everybody's Talkin'

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  • My My dropped a tight packet of bliss-bombs with 2006's full-length Songs for the Gentle, an unexpectedly coherent set of rich house tracks that struck a perfect balance between cosmopolitan sheen and ear-pleasing craft. Not so much straddling a middle ground between home and club as dismissively ignoring it, the Playhouse trio succeeded by favoring craft over stylization. This two-sider continues their tasteful balance between head and feet, but arrives glistening with a mid-summer patina of basement party sweat. The title track emphasizes a soulful garage vibe, but avoids the garishness of so much stateside deep house via its subtle sense of grace and the restrained use of a nicely slurred sample. If one has a complaint it's that there is almost too much class and not enough ass, but there is so little of this type of modest house music around that it seems churlish to bitch. "Day for Night" on the flipside might be a Truffaut reference, but it could just as easily could be a simple statement of My My's direction on this track, exchanging warm tones for frosty ones. And where filmmakers once simulated night scenes by sliding filters over their cameras during the daytime, My My make the sun set in your ears by draping a spare beat with a progressive series of undulating blue-black boogie lines. If at times it all seems a little too professional, consider the alternative. Rarely does tech house this classy remember to move so damn well.
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      A Everybody's Talkin' B Day for Night