TRG - Generation

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  • Romania's Cosmin Nicolae, AKA TRG, kicks off new Irish label [NakedLunch] (not to be confused with Portuguese DJ Paulo Pereira/A. Paul's label of the same name) with two prime cuts of dubstep techno. Those who last heard him at the center of Appleblim's Dubstep Allstars Vol. 6 mix will note the subtle shift away from Berlin-sounding techno in "Generation." Here, he seems to focusing on a purer Detroit sound: The opening stabs of "Generation" could even be old Jeff Mills himself until the beat and the wobble bass kick in, announcing the track as decidedly dubstep. As if to emphasise this, the playful vibe, carnivalesque synth melodies and echoing vocals are Skream-esque and strangely, but satisfyingly, retro-sounding. "Generation" is no bid for fusion genre relevance. "Soho Girls," on the other hand, is less sure about where to land. Fast-paced and heavy-hitting percussion drive everything forward to a sudden end, while fractured vocals toy with the jazzy licks. Veteran UK producer Breakage provides the remix of "Generation" and opts to focus on the Detroit chords over the vocals or the atmosphere. Gifting them with more dub echo and slowing the pace down, he gives more space for the percussion so that the short Tectonic-styled bass fest gets a full hearing. A succinct, but solid opening gambit for [NakedLunch] with plenty of business for the dance floor.
  • Tracklist
      A Generation (Breakage remix) B1 Generation B2 Soho Girls