Minilogue - Jamaica / Hispaniola Remixes

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  • I have to confess that I was skeptical when I saw Dubfire's name on the remix of Minilogue's "Jamaica," but wound up pleasantly surprised as the track unfolded. Paced by exotic bubbling percussion, bird noises, chimes, some nifty effects, and a stripped-down hi-hat and snare rush, the track expands exponentially, swirling into a spaced-out, tasty brew indeed. A giant tympani washes things clean, and things start to build again, this time bringing a giant snare roll that explodes midway through the track, literally detonated by the rollicking steel drum that careens through the midpoint of the mix. Constantly shifting and changing up the rhythmic patterns—without relying on the crutch of a predictable bass kick—Dubfire's Dreadmill Remix is a tough one to mix out of, even at 13 minutes. I stand corrected. The Mole's reworking of "Hispaniola" on the other hand is exactly what I was expecting: a fat, bouncing bass bubble, a big handclap, and some punctual grunting/chanting. The tweaked analog synth riffs that meander through the track seem a bit out of place with the Chicago-style rhythms of the intro at first, but once it warms up, it provides a solid texture for the track. The Mole's mix lacks the drama and big-room potential of Dubfire's more ambitious version, but both versions do the originals justice and should find welcome ears, even if they are unlikely bedfellows. Minilogue fans may prefer the Mole's take, but I advise them not to make the same mistake I did in prejudging Dubfire's.
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      A Jamaica (Dubfire Dreadmill Remix) B Hispaniola (The Mole’s MMD Mix)