Deadmau5 - Hi Friend

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  • Placing the needle on a new Deadmau5 record was once like putting your hand into a lucky dip. What would you pull out? House? Electro? Trance? Ambient? Those eager to pigeonhole the much-talked about producer must be glad, then, to see him settling into a no-nonsense house sound of late, in both his DJ sets and his productions. Add a slice of electro and you have "Hi Friend!" "Hi Friend!" is an up-front piece of house that starts as it means to go on. The backbone of the track is made up of thumping beats and a trembling bass that's aching to be heard on a quality system. Deep bleeps ride up and down in peaks and troughs, eventually reaching a crescendo around two-thirds of the way in. This music has no pretensions; it's brash and bold with a funky edge to it that gets the job done. The only issue is that, like most Deadmau5 productions, once you've heard the first 45 seconds, you've heard the entire record. On the vocal mix, MC Flipside provides some tedious lyrics that go nowhere. This mix clearly has an eye on the mainstream. But while it's certainly more accessible for the masses, a savvy crowd would surely favor the instrumental.
  • Tracklist
      A Hi Friend! B Hi Friend! (Instrumental)