Various Artists - OM 100

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  • It's a hard task for a dance music label to reach it's 100th release, especially now that artists are forming their own labels. San Franciso based OM records has put out some classic releases in the past such as Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz series and the turntablist classic series, Deep Concentration. They also represented various music styles such as abstract beats, trip hop, hip hop, groove and the many faces of house. 7 years on, they've now hit that century mark with a compilation that encompasses all their trademark music styles. Hip Hop: Representing the hip hop heads are People Under The Stairs who recently have just released their latest bomb, OST. The Bomb Combo was meant to be on the album however since the main loop is also used by Dilated Peoples on their storming "Worst Comes To Worst", PUTS decided to make it a B-side instead. Real head nodding beats from 2 dope LA MC's/producers/b-boys/you-name-it. Abstract beats: Abstract beat supremos Ming & FS come back in full form after a disappointing sophomore effort with The Human Condition. Utilising some jazzy elements and eastern percussion, Ming & FS have gone vocal on us on Misdirected - a cocktail jazzy number that sounds almost hip hop/breakbeat. Soulstice's Never Stop gets a female MC to kick some rhymes. It should be in the hip hop section, however seeing that there are purists out there, who wouldn't classify putting Soulstice (who makes phat beats) in with the PUTS, it'll remain in the Abstract beats. Downtempo Grooves: The legendary Juan Atkins represents on OM this time with Something About The Music - a groovy electro number with a touch of salsa. Parklife 4 headliner Mark Farina, represents with Everyday which is a funky laidback tune which is a surprise if you were expecting a more deep house vibe to come from him. Latin influenced beats: King Kooba offer Salutation. Seething with Latin percussion all through until the middle hits when it segues into a piano heavy jazz number. Once you've paid attention to it the Latin percussion comes back! House: Rude Groove (rude journey remix) by Marques Wyatt represents the house genre, and is a classy chilled 4 to the floor track designed for lazy days sitting out on the verandah sipping on cocktails. For those more into a disco-ey groove, then Pimp Rekker's In Time is for you. Mark Grant's Hey You is uplifting house with female vocals. Being primarily known for house and lounge compilations, the two genres mostly feature throughout this release. The above is only a sample of what to expect from this release. Buy it for yourself and check it out! Interesting to see artists offer up different styles to what they normally are renowned for. (Hmmm... People Under The Stairs making a house track? Don't think so...) Being a fan of hip hop and owning some of their legendary hip hop compilations eg. Deep Concentration and the Tektonics release, I would have personally preferred it if they included a turntablist track or represented hip hop a bit more, however this release is still quite tight and makes for a nice way to celebrate the 100th release of OM. Tracklisting: CD 1: 1. King Kooba - Salutation 2. Afro-Mystik - Natural 3. Johnny Fiasco - Take 5 4. Pimp Rekker - In Time 5. Mark Grant - Hey You 6. Kaskade - Get Busy 7. Marques Wyatt - Rude Groove (rude journey remix) 8. Rithma - Just Before Dawn 9. Soulstice - All Right 10. Andy Caldwell - I Can't Wait (perpetual bliss mix) 11. Kaskade - What I Say CD 2: 1. Soulstice - Never Stop 2. J Boogie Dubtronic Science - La Playa 3. Mark Farina - Everyday 4. People Under The Stairs - The Bomb Combo 5. Ming and FS - Misdirected feat. DK and Aref Durvesh 6. Scuba - Beauty And Warmth Of An Ultra Violet Memory 7. John Howard - Buddha Cowboy 8. Fred Everything - Afro Loft Theme 9. Juan Atkins - Something About The Music 10. Landslide - Don't Give Up Now (Boswick Gates remix) 11. West Magnetic - Lock It Up