Move D - Between Us

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  • Since the beginning of 2008, Move D’s persistent stream of releases has proven him to be an exceptionally soulful and versatile producer. He is a nimble master of hip shakes as well as chin strokes, and deftly navigates the nether regions in between. His latest release on Shanti focuses primarily on the dance floor, recalling the succinct house vibes of Quit Quittin’, a nearly flawless release from last February. While Between Us does not quite have the same touch as that EP, it boasts two fantastic sunrise cuts that exemplify what Mufti does best: humble, contemplative house. As a punchy track that grows increasingly ethereal throughout, “Lush Summer Rain” will affect your DJ set in a manner quite fitting to its title. Its driving bassline and persistent drums give the opening a feeling of urgency, but through dubby smears and delicate keys, the vibe ascends toward something euphoric. A gently curving synth line seals the deal, making this the kind of track you just have to close your eyes to. The bass kicks drops out for a solid minute of the outro, allowing the reverb-laden percussion to float elegantly across your next track. It is subtle, effective and emotionally evocative—doubtlessly the winner of the EP. “Between Us” follows suit, but more daringly approaches cheesy bliss. The spectrum is a bit more crowded than on the A-side, with warped vocal snippets, sustained organ tones and twinkling jazz pianos joining the party. While “Lush Summer Rain” has a tone of wonder and melancholy, “Between Us” nurtures that special afterhours optimism, à la Larry Heard’s ‘Sun Can’t Compare.’ The A-Side accomplishes more with less, but both create a cool, refreshing atmosphere. Hazy, affectionate, and absolutely clubbable; this EP might deserve a 5 if only it stood out more boldly from Move D’s remarkable oeuvre.
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      A Lush Summer Rain B Between Us