Tiefschwarz - Ral9005

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  • One of the latest offerings on Derrick Carter's Classic Music label is the funky Ral9005 by German deep house supremo's Tiefschwarz. Having produced a stunning remix for Jon Cutler's "It's Yours" which has been doing the club rounds recently, it's time to unleash weapons of their own, and they sound so sexy and smooth, you'd be putting your Playboy Mansion CD's back on the shelf. Chilled out vocal house comes in the form of City Sounds and Music, whereas Acid Soul, On Up and No More Trouble provide the uplifting house numbers. Tiefschwarz get moving into some Jazzanova style nu-jazz territory with Monday, Tuesday and Mars and provide some easy listening cocktail music. Emma (dub) is a latin influenced house number, laced with African percussion and steel drums, good for those times when a parade or mardi gras is in the area. Covering all their bases in dance music, Tiefschwarz even do a subtle 2-step breaks track with Nix. There's possibly a reason as to why they've released this album on Classic Music - this album has classic written all over it. Combining lounge music with house, nu-jazz, breakbeats, and garage there really isn't a bad aspect of this album and it has some sweet interludes to provide that perfect break in between songs. Tracklisting: 1. Follow Me 2. City Sounds 3. Monday 4. Acid Soul 5. Schwanitz 6. Never 7. Mars 8. Yes 9. Bye Bye Baby 10. Tuesday 11. On Up 12. Emma (dub) 13. Music 14. Nix 15. You 16. No More Trouble