Burger/Voigt - Roter Platz

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  • The reappearance of Jörg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt’s legendary musical collaboration in 2007 was seen as something of a second coming for techno and perhaps even more so for the Cologne sound in general. In truth, though, apart from the extensive touring to positive reviews, the non-clubbing world has had little chance to see what the duo have to offer this second time around. To date there's only been one EP, a track on Total 8 and a remix for Gudrun Gut. In contrast to last year's aforementioned Bring Trance Back EP, Roter Platz floats rather than drives towards an altogether new sound. The melody of all three tracks borrows heavily from guitar samples, so much so that closer 'Wand aus Klang' ends up sounding more like a fuzzed-out indie blissout than a B-side to a techno single. Fans of early Spiritualized might find solace in the slowly accumulating crescendo of repetitive guitar strumming, gnarly psychedelic undertow and washed out vocals. But when they all come together, the effect is mesmerising and totally addictive (although not particularly danceable, despite the steady beat). 'Ebertplatz', however, isn't nearly as captivating. Named after a square in Cologne’s Agnesviertel bohemian district, it's an almost totally ambient track, save its jangly jazzy guitar riff. The track neither sounds good (despite the fact that it's almost overproduced) nor does it carry the mood. Can you blame Boomkat for humorously describing it as Chris Isaak techno? If you are looking for something to dance to, title track 'Roter Platz' (Red Square) is where you'll need to head. But don't get too excited: It's hardly set for peak time either. The beat is slow, sensual and blissfully lost, with plenty of pop ambience to give it a dreamy feel. The twangy guitar lick almost seems too sticky to run with the smooth flow, but the main keyboard riff overlays it beautifully. The little touches on the snares and the bubbling, chemical background slowly pull you into the slow, eyes-closed lullaby causing goose pimples to rise like ripples in a puddle of rain.
  • Tracklist
      A Roter Platz B1 Ebertplatz B2 Wand Aus Klang