Dinky - Move In EP

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  • Chilean-born Alejandra Iglesias (Dinky) came to her current home of Berlin via a lengthy spell in New York, and her latest 12-inch for Vakant takes in all these locales. The two lumbering beasts here crawl in comparison to the pace of her excellent podcast for these pages, but these and other quirks fit oddly-but-comfortably into her ever-widening discography. With the vocals of LA funkmeister Big Bully heavy in the mix, 'She Is Moving' is a departure for Dinky. But because it's doused in a cocktail of tinny effects, the result is a familiar one—the vocals sounding not unlike Jorge González on Villalobos' '4 Wheel Drive'. The Chilean flavour is also present in the wriggling undercurrent, but the vocals are tamer. It's your standard stateside piffle about love and dancing or some such. Dinky tries to mix incongruous elements—clunky keyboard melodies, boompity house beats and androgynous singing—but this feels forced, and the result confusing and rather flat. 'Da 20s' more than makes up for it, dragging minimal jitters through deep-house girth, emerging slow and saucy like a Matias Aguayo number. Snatches of voices creep through the cracks, as do myriad ruffled samples, but it's the drums which captivate: big, bold creatures where mere hints are expected. This is perfect early morning chug material, a long low tool, and makes this release well worthwhile.
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      A1 She Is Moving B1 Da 20s