Extra Produktionen – Feuerwehrhaus

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  • Extra Produktionen are back—just don’t call it a comeback. The Berlin based group (consisting of Thomas Sabrowsky, alongside current Whitest Boy Alive members Sebastian Maschat and Daniel Nentwig) existed as a live project for just three years up until 2002 with only a 12-inch and a remix to their name as far as released material went. Philip Lauer has been dedicated to bringing them back from the grave on his Brontosaurus imprint, and the three tracks selected fit well with the label’s quirky electronic house ethos. We’re given two versions of ‘Feuerwehrhaus’ (‘Fire Station’ for you non-German speakers), a track which merges click-house with synth work akin to Metro Area, although the melodies have a much higher twee-factor that’s far removed from the urbane stylings of Geist and Jesrani’s work. The original version struts along at a relaxed tempo, as Farfisa organ glides over the shuffling drum track and sharp but melodious bass tones. It’s perfectly suited for a relaxed summer day at home, while the remix ups the tempo and tweaks things for the floor. The track’s lush, wistful nature remains, but the bouncing bass and toughened drums mean that daytime dancers can have a little wiggle as they soak up the other sounds. Likewise, DJs who favour a disco-influenced electronic sound may find that the remix will fit well into their warm up sets. ‘De Escalation BB’ rounds things off, and was apparently recorded after the May Day riots in Berlin, where Daniel and Thomas found themselves in police custody. Again, it’s got a slow, shuffling groove, but with tougher drums and a mix of discordant sounds over the top. A cut up robotic vocal and disembodied trombone only adds to the disorientation, as the insistent bassline makes way for layers of handclaps and groans. It’s an adventurously eccentric production that may be a bit too overwhelming for your typical dancefloor, but it’s sure to garner a ‘what the fuck?!’ reaction if used correctly at the right after party.
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      A Feuerwehrhaus Remix B1 Feuerwehrhaus B2 De Escalation BB