The Per Eckbo Orchestra - 400 Thousand Miles From Home

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  • Call me uptight, but “summer anthems” just don’t do it for me. Upbeat house clearly suits the summer mood, but when I’m cruising with the windows down and no air conditioning, I’d rather groove to something breezy and hypnotic (e.g. Riley Reinhold’s ‘Sunset Sound’) than one of Dixon’s favorites. The latest release on Oslo captures this perspective perfectly. Compelling and energized, yet strange and ethereal, ‘400 Thousand Miles From Home’ is more like a summer acid trip than a summer anthem. The Per Eckbo Orchestra is Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Oslo boss Federico Molinari. Each producer’s flair presents itself distinctly—Mollinari’s delicate rhythms sitting well with Dumont’s outdoor imagery. On the A-side, ‘Kodo Verano’ is bumpin,’ psychedelic house that almost sounds like a remix of something from Can’s Tago Mago. Clearly the standout track here, it serves as an exemplar of Oslo’s signature sound. The drum track bounces along, mingling punchy bass kicks with crisp natural percussion. The hook emerges when effervescent tribal chirps slide across the drums, pushing the track into a swirling momentum that is sure to stir up some languid, closed-eye dancing. On the flip side, ‘Beat Bravo’ is no slouch. It is sparse but perky house, with a concise, funky beat and some oblique vocal samples thrown in (a personal fetish of mine). Much of the splashy percussion from ‘Kodo Verano’ makes reprise here, while a bit of warm organ doodling hints at more traditional house. Though not as strikingly clever as the A-side, ‘Beat Bravo’ is simple and vivid—a DJ tool with plenty of charisma. Both tracks are lush, raw and sweaty—perfect for slightly stranger summer gatherings.
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      A Kodo Verano B Beat Bravo