Ane Brun - Headphone Silence

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  • There's a wonderful disconnect between the lyrics of Ane Brun's 'Headphone Silence' ("The wonderful loneliness/ Of the headphone silence") and the idea—the reality—that its remix will be an anthem throughout clubs this summer. But, then again, a disconnection between form and content is often how great art is formed. Remixers, especially, rarely tend to care about what the singers are babbling on about. The voice is simply another instrument in the mix. In Brun, Henrik Schwarz has found an amazing one. Brun's a Norwegian-based folk singer, whose vocals are delicate—seemingly ready to wither away as soon as they emerge from her mouth. Innervisions label head Dixon takes advantage in his edit of Schwarz's mix, drawing out the intro for 90 seconds before dropping the vocal. He maintains the languid pacing throughout, adding a kick drum here, the interlocking synth lines there and then ties it all up with a sedate string-laden breakdown. Sedate is hardly the word that comes to mind with Dennis Ferrer's NoiZy edit. Bombastic where Dixon was restrained, the Jersey producer's big-room take increases the tempo by a few BPM and builds its crescendos from an already pumping base. One side for the early part of the night, one side for peak time. You can play it all night long. And probably should.
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      A Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix / Dixon Edit) B Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix / Dennis Ferrer NoiZy Edit)