Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Brendon Moeller Remixes)

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  • I went to Deep Space in New York recently to catch Francois K spin, and all through the night, Brendon Moeller was perched on the other side of the booth with his eyes constantly on the dancefloor. From listening to this remix EP for Appleblim's Apple Pips imprint, it seems as if Francois' A&R man has spent many a Monday night studying what would make the perfect record for the Cielo dancefloor. The mix of "Over Here" that’s on the A side seems to cater to more of a late night moment at the club, keeping things dubby but with a tough, propulsive backbone. The original’s dub chamber synths throb alongside a steady but weighty kick, as things slowly get more techy as time goes on. If Anders Trentemoller tried his hand at making a dub techno record, it’d sound something like this. Moeller even hijacks the crunchy electronic beats that he’s made his trademark in the last third of the track. It's a nice thought, but the combination of ‘blim and Pev’s smoother sounds with Moeller’s techier touch makes it seem slightly forced. Sounding forced is an accusation that you definitely couldn’t level at his Beat Pharmacy mix on the flipside, though. It's pure magic from start to finish. The samples from the original are given the space they need to breathe properly, and Moeller’s own touches are much more refined than on the first mix. For example, at the start of the track the bassline is sustained for long periods, but after the first drop hits, the drums start shuffling and the bassline becomes much more (dare I say it) funky. That said, not many DJs are going to get away with dropping this version at peak time, but it’ll work really well as a warm up track or set opener—especially if your name is Francois K.
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      A Over Here (Brendon Moeller Remix) B Over Here (Beat Pharmacy Remix)