Oleg Poliakov - House Moujik

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  • Oleg Poliakov’s first 12-inch, ‘Datcha Musik’, from 2007 was surprisingly polished and measured for a debut release. Indeed, it transpires that this “mysterious Russian” is actually Skat moonlighting under a different moniker, and here he returns to Circus Company with a second helping of his more groove-based Poliakov material. Unfortunately, this time around he’s nowhere near as successful as any of the tracks on the last record. That’s not to say that the tracks on ‘House Moujik’ don’t sound polished; much to the contrary, it’s more a case of style over substance, as these immaculately produced tracks fail to excite at all. Take ‘Midnight Vultures’ for example, which is yet another chugging tech houser with monotonous synth stabs throughout. A few notes are added, some FX are bunged on top, and an additional plinky melody reveals itself two thirds of the way through. It doesn’t sound too bad on paper, but in reality it’s a yawnsome take on the US house influenced sound that’s so popular at the moment. ‘On The Edge Of The Wood’ is in much the same vein (albeit with a beatless breakdown in the middle), but again it’s a stale and tired take on a style which has the potential to work really well both cerebrally and on the dancefloor. Considering the quality of all three tracks on the last 12-inch, it’s a huge disappointment that this one isn’t up to scratch – here’s hoping for a return to form on his next outing.
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      A Midnight Vultures B On The Edge Of The Wood