Nôze - Danse Avec Moi

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  • 'Danse Avec Moi' is a logical choice for lead single off Songs on the Rocks. It’s one of the album's slicker moments, with the duo largely holding their cheekiness in check, but it’s also sheer French fromage pop, with Dani Siciliano ably filling the Jane Birkin role. And while the piano vamp and understated house percussion mark it out as contemporary, the plucked harp and soupy strings all hark back to the heyday of fifties (sl)easy listening, in a revised Herbert big-band fashion. It's up to Koze to knock things astray. The first few bars of his remix are faithful to the original, but then multi-tracked voices supersede and take charge, and the result is cracked, off-key, and deliciously wrong. It's done in a rough, hands-on Stockhausen manner, with sped-up chunks zipping past slowed down crowd noise, while brass, acoustic bass and brushed drums evoke a postmodern Mancini-scored stake-out. Jews harp, whistles and digital fuzz add to the chaos, but the wonky results are pure class. BPitch man Sascha Funke's remix is the only proper dancefloor workout here, and something of a letdown. Beginning with a blunt, simple pair of bleeps, Funke lets these entwine for nine and a half minutes, into which snippets of vocals and sharpened microsamples are woven, more for their rhythmic value than anything else. A bit like Sähkö with soul (but not as exciting as that prospect sounds), the drums beat and break in the right place and it’s all perfectly serviceable, but I expect more from this producer.
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      A1: Danse Avec Moi (Original) A2: Danse Avec Moi (DJ Koze Remix) B1: Danse Avec Moi (Sascha Funke Remix)