Howie B - FabricLive.05

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  • Howard Bernstein, widely known as Howie B is a bit of a veteran. He has done it all with a lot of success. He has been prominent in the music industry since the early 80’s, but it wasn’t really until the early 90’s that Howie B became the big name that he is today. Working with artists such as Goldie, Massive Attack as well as co-producing U2’s ‘Pop’ album which included an invitation to produce the live sound for its accompanying world tour, not an achievement many can lay claim to. Despite this huge success story in the production field, Howie B still tears the dancefloors apart when behind the decks. This Fabriclive mix indicates nothing less. The mix starts in a quirky manner with the electro ridden “Fish” by Skelf. Exile’s “Neuroscan” on the other hand is a total different class – breathtaking drum patterns with an exotic melody splattered with Dope Smugglaz “The Word” accapella – which leads smoothly into the PMT mix of the same tune. Many should be familiar with Medicine’s robot induced remix of “Daydream in Blue” by I Monster. Howie B’s trademark sound is ever present with his remix of “Cherry Lips” by Garbage. “Beautiful” by Lemonescent is as it name suggests, a beautiful fusion of breakbeat and tribal instincts. DJ Llopis’ “Clone the Clowns” should have you hopping around with its bouncing baseline while Jackyl And Hyde take you “Beyond” the early 90’s and straight into the 80’s. Prince Far I provides the finale to the mix with “Foundation Stepper”, a slow reggae inspired record to slow it down to a halt. This is a brilliant mix, and in my opinion definitely one of the better Fabric releases, which is a compliment in itself. Variety all blended masterfully. Howie B has commented how difficult it was to do this mix, but the results indicate that he put all his time and effort into this mix for you to simply sit back, put the feet up and enjoy.
  • Tracklist
      1. Fish - Skelf 2. Neuroscan - Exile 3. The Word - Dope Smugglaz (PMT Mix) (excerpt from The Human Animal - Lydia Lunch) 4. Daydream In Blue - I Monster (Medicine Remix) 5. Music Takes You - Blame (The Blim Remix) 6. Cherry Lips - Garbage (Howie B Mix) 7. Donuts And Coffee - Bombing F 8. Beautiful - Lemonescent (The Terminalhead Remix) (feat. Future Abuse - Meat Katie) 9. Clone The Clowns - DJ Llopis 10. Hindoos And Hairdoos - Big Hair And Earl Gateshead 11. Beyond - Jackyl And Hyde 12. Foundation Stepper - Prince Far I