Move D - Drøne

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  • Like Break SL's brilliant 'Flow', Move D's 'Drøne' is concerned with, well, flow and drone. Both tracks are patient works that unfold peacefully, unhurried by anything but their own internal sense of time, which is decidedly slower than the quick-hit world of techno. At 12 minutes, 'Drøne' is a mountain of a track that allows you the proper time to lose yourself completely. Unlike Move's most recent Modern Love effort, 'Ac1d', the focus here is on mood—and mood only. A beat provides a modicum of propulsion, especially when a muted snare is added to offset the deep bass drum, but 'Drøne' is driven by its namesake—a thick, modulating thing that never stops changing, but does so in such subtle ways that it's hard to tell that it's doing so. Another easy reference point might be Gas. Wolfgang Voigt's ambient tracks felt like distinct sonic worlds built out of completely understandable elements – orchestral samples, a steady thumping bass drum – but composed in such a way that they felt alien. This track is assured and controlled in its execution, and wondrous and transporting in its effect. Stunning.
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      A Drøne