Andy Stott - Bad Landing

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  • Andy Stott has become something of a master of the 12-inch over the past few years. With every release, he has produced a perfectly encapsulated snapshot of his sound in development; each pairing of tracks obviously sourced from the same aural cloth while still shining a light on a new aspect of Stott’s inimitable vision. Bad Landing—his latest EP for Manchester’s Modern Love imprint—is no different, showcasing a producer exploring fresh territory in the often-monochromatic realm of dub techno. Dominated by the galloping rhythms of 'Fine Metallic Dollar', the a-side is aimed squarely at the dance floor. Resonant synth stabs coast atop a tectonic slab of sub-bass as the kick thrusts the track forward, looping hypnotically to a close. It's the title track on the b, however, that’s the real prize here. A highlight of Stott’s collaborative podcast with his Modern Love label mate Claro Intelecto, 'Bad Landing' is among Stott’s best work to date. The BPM has been dialed down just a tad, allowing Stott room to explore the more atmospheric corners of his sound. Massive drifts of expansive dub chords are heaped atop a laidback skank of a beat as Stott focuses his attention on the whip-crack snares that crackle off into the background, propping up a sampled organ lifted straight out of Kingston. The effect is narcotic, not unlike wallowing in the murky shadows of an opium den, and declaratively places the emphasis on the ‘dub’ element of dub techno.
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      A Fine Metallic Dollar B Bad Landing