Claro Intelecto - Rise

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  • Just a week after the release of his immense Metanarrative LP, Claro Intelecto dropped this gem of a single-sided 12-inch, which sees him doing a stylistic about face: a risky move in the wake of a well-received record, but one which Stewart pulls off with grace. Gone are the pulsating bass and dub atmospherics of the album, and in their place is a rollicking storm of gamelan percussion. The results have more in common with Perlon’s take on minimal than Modern Love-style dub techno. ‘Rise’ is eleven minutes long, over which period the gamelan samples are relentlessly twisted every which way, bounced gleefully between the monitors, and shaped into interlocking rhythmic sequences to carry it along. And that’s it, really, but it is the track’s singleminded vibe that makes it so effective: it’s flexible enough to be mixed into other records on the dancefloor, but it’s also hypnotic enough to be listened to from end to end at home. There are shades of Shackleton’s ethnic take on dubstep here, and even Ricardo Villalobos’ horsy house or Steve Reich’s classical minimalism, but most of all it is its own beast, and one which represents Stewart’s finest moment since the release of his now classic Peace Of Mind. Let’s hope both Claro and Modern Love release more of this stuff in the coming months.
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      A Rise