Lovebirds - Love On My Hands

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  • Strictly in the song sense, 'Love On My Hands' is a great one. It’s a soulful house number that dips into disco territory, and it has diva vocals that would melt any self-respecting queen's heart. It also does exactly what it sets out do: the pianos tinkle, the synths blurt, the bass follows dutifully along. I suspect that is the problem, in a way. As perfect as it is, 'Love On My Hands' feels disconnected from itself. Those aforementioned elements play out fine, but they never play with one another, making the track a hollow shell of what it could be. Blame it on the production, I suppose, but this is one track that sounds clearly like digital disco—and not the good ol' fashioned live stuff. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if Sebastian Doering weren't so obviously aiming for an old school aesthetic. But he is. And, as a result, Holly Backler's vocals sound less like a celebration and more like a confession. The Dubfuck mix, on the other hand, embraces its digitalia and is all the better for it. A more obviously synthesized beat sets the stage for Backler’s voice to be sliced before a French filter sweep sends us off to a (minor) climax. An altogether disappointing follow-up to the stunning Modern Stalking EP.
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      A Love On My Hands (Original Club Mix) B1 Love On My Hands (Dubfuck Mix) B2 Love On My Hands (Love On Dub)