Josh Wink - Stay Out All Night

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  • It's probably not worth assigning some sort of meaning to Josh Wink shaving his head. But let's do it anyway: Wink's recently tailored look has coincided with a run of amazing production work. Last year's 'Thick as Thieves' and 'Swirl' were both solid releases that reflected Wink back on his game. And now we have 'Stay Out All Night', which sounds like Wink at the top of it. The track, like plenty of dancefloor bombs, is a simple one. A rotating organ line and disembodied vocal that cuts in and out lay the groundwork, all building to the moment that a Rhodes unleashes its funk. Taken by itself, the line that it runs through is limp, but the focus here is on the groove and it melds perfectly with the Chicago house feel of the drum pattern running underneath. And, of course, the acid line that comes in at around six minutes doesn't hurt either. The rest of the tracks here don't match up—and they're not meant to. One loses the Rhodes, which seems to me to be the entire reason the track exists. And the same goes for the dub, which loses both organs. And cuts the track down to a paltry six minutes. Both simply whet the appetite for the original, so don't bother flipping this one over, unless you want to tease.
  • Tracklist
      A Stay Out All Night (Organ Mix) B1 Stay Out All Night (No Organ) B2 Stay Out All Night (Dub)