Sety - Sweet & Sour

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  • After a four year production hiatus, Sety is finally following up his contributions to the first lot of Circus Company 12-inch compilations with a surprising new direction. The grinding boompty funk of cuts like 'Vertex' is gone, paving the way for a more slinky take on modern house and techno. The EP opens with 'Mogane', a cosmically chugging deep houser that sounds like Jerome Sydenham and Hans Peter Lindstrom jamming together as the sun rises. Xylophones and muted guitar scratches build the tension before the beat finally crashes in – it’s a heavy but restrained skipping groove that's perfect for a late night wiggle. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts step up for the remix, totally gutting the original and creating a boompty bouncer that owes as much to early acid house as it does to modern techno music. A pumping Chicago bassline grooves along to deep stabbing synths and hat heavy percussion, and is sure to find favour with DJs straddling the line between deep house and more jacking fare. The ethnically inclined minimal house of 'Fogo Puro' rounds things off, coasting along on a single looped piano chord and skippy polyrhythms until the arrival of a lush female vocal halfway through. It's incredibly polished and playable, but this sort of style has been done to death over the last couple of years, and 'Fogo Puro' does little to add to the now worn formula. A lot more fun is to be had with the accompanying 'Bonus Beat', stripping things back to little more than a cheekily ascending bassline, warm chords, and a beat. Overall, it's a pretty slick return to production duties, but it's all about the A-side for me.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Mogane A2 Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) B1 Fogo Puro (Main Mix) B2 Fogo Puro (Bonus Beat)