Lee Jones - As You Like It

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  • My My’s ‘Southbound’ might be the one near the top of a lot of playlists in the last month or two, but for me its Lee Jones’ solo EPs for Aus that have been his real treats in 2008. ‘Aria’ has already been given its fair share of glowing reviews, and ‘As You Like It’ will only consolidate the proposition that Jones is producing some of the grooviest and most subtle tech house out there at the moment – a doubly appropriate alignment, as Aus is effectively becoming the go-to label for similar works. More than anything, it’s the musicality of Jones’ drum programming that’s impressive here. Every single hit, no matter how small, has been superbly crafted and articulated. But it’s not as if such filigree microsopics comes at the expense of the bigger picture. ‘The Ice Train Cometh’ is an early morning cruiser equally apt for breakfast listening or wild-eyed dancing. ‘As You Like It’ has a much more nocturnal vibe, easing you into the shade with a laser-cut pattern of drums and FX that create an opening for the melodic intro, which has a plodding, Pokerflat-y bassline that gives absolutely no hint of the stab-led build to come. Ho hum, you think, when suddenly the whole thing begins to arc up and curl back on your head in a glooming wave. Recloose takes all this and turns it into a space-funk rocket, toughening up the drums with an intro reminiscent of Paperclip People, turning the track inside out then upside down with the addition of some jazzy keys and a mangled vocal sample. All told, this is intricate, beautifully programmed, solid as a rock… and funky as hell.
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      A As You Like It B1 As You Like It (Recloose Remix) B2 The Ice Train Cometh