Daso & Pawas - Det

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  • Like much of Daso & Pawas' work, 'Det' doesn't do much, but it sure sounds pretty doing it. The duo's newest 12-inch comes courtesy of Ann Arbor's Spectral Sound, the imprint best known for bringing Audion to the world. As per the duo's past work on Flash Recordings and Connaisseur, the focus slants more heavily towards the melodic than the rhythmic. The plod of a beat here merely marks time, allowing the warm synth line to curl up, around and underneath while it worms its way into your skull. Sinuous and patient, it's perfect for home listening. With such goopy, romantic surroundings, too much rhythmic activity might get distracting. Or so you'd think. Schatrax slides a hi-hat into the mix and quickens the synth in his rework, making it sound almost a bit like a Daso original in the process. (Sprinkle a voice moaning about "daybreak" over top and you'd be there.) It’s also the best thing here. B-side 'Brazil to Detroit' takes both ideas (slow-moving synths, slightly revved-up drum programming) and does little with them. That said, it's the most propulsive track here, which makes it an excellent tool for an enterprising DJ. Drop something massive after this—it's a building block, not a capstone.
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      A Det B1 Det (Schatrax Remix) B2 Brazil to Detroit