Cassy - A Poem for You

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  • ‘A Poem for You’ is the third release on the fledgling Uzuri label, and their pedigree certainly won't be damaged by this. Cassy has produced a 12-inch that continues both the development of her own style and marks changes in European house in general. These tracks take minimal's restraint and penchant for a slowly unfolding groove and marry them to raw, analogue textures and real vocal narratives. ‘Giving it Up’ swirls around one of her trademark 808 drum patterns, all angled high hats and claves on the offbeat. Full vocal phrases gradually coalesce out of echoes, a tale of compromise in a voice that must surely be one of the most recognisable on modern dancefloors. This track will reward DJs and dancers who like a bit of emotional resonance in their sets. The nine minute running time is entirely justified by the graceful arc of its construction with the gradual shifts in emphasis always holding your attention. The Jus Ed remix feels slightly stilted in comparison. Though still good, it doesn't really add anything to the original apart from a slight codeine haze. The B side continues with ‘Poem,’ an eroded bass groove overlaid with more tales of love, each vocal snippet looped, overdubbed and repeated until they form one wondrous whole. I'm glad that this 12-inch has been released into such a receptive, deep house hungry climate, where it is likely to be widely played. This is far from just throwing a piano on a track for the sake of a trend however: this is truly deep and emotional music brought bang up to date but with enough quality to last a long, long time.
  • Tracklist
      A For You B1 For You (Real Raw Remix By Jus Ed) B2 Poem